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InterServer reviews 2022: How good is it?

InterServer is among the longest-running and most experienced hosting companies, founded in 1999. While they offer a broad selection of hosting options, they are most famous for their cheap and affordable shared hosting solutions for Windows, WordPress, and other platforms. The ultra-low-cost together with unlimited bandwidth and storage might seem too appealing to be real.

In this InterServer analysis, we’ll look into the high quality of their services to help you decide which hosting service is for you.InterServer provides fully-featured web hosting plans that are affordable. Are they reliable when hosting your business’ websites or blogs? With our InterServer review of their hosting plans pricing, pros, and pros, let’s find out about their hosting plans.

InterServer Reviews

As we’ve looked over our review of InterServer hosting packages and pricing, which appear extremely exciting, let’s take one quick InterServer review to see how it compares. When choosing a hosting web service, the most important factors include speed and Uptime, along with security features and customer service. We’ve been using the InterServer hosting service for more than the course of a month. Let’s examine all of these aspects, each one by one.

InterServer Customer Support

InterServer offers different ways for their customers to reach InterServer contact. Contact their customer service by email, telephone via live chat. For any hosting provider, it is customer support. InterServer’s team is aware of this. They have a ticket support system that allows you to submit a support ticket when you have any issues related to their hosting service. The response from support came quickly during our tests, but sometimes it might take longer, depending on the time zone you are in.

InterServer Security Features

InterServer takes website security very seriously. They have developed their own Security product “InterShield Security” to secure your data on websites. What does this security solution do? First, it blocks web attacks and has an automatic virus scanner. With all of these safeguards put in place, they actively defend your website against attacks. They also offer an automatic backup of your website alongside these security features. This way, should anything happen to your site; it is possible to restore your website’s data using previous backups.

InterServer Pricing

InterServer plans are extremely inexpensive and, more importantly, come with an easy pricing structure. Even with their basic plan, you will have everything indefinitely. Their uptime and speed guarantee is outstanding as well as they have several security options available in-house. They also offer good customer service. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers each of the Hosting plans offered by InterServer. So, if you’re in search of affordable but reliable hosting for your website or blog, you should think about InterServer.

There are given below some most popular InterServer pricing plans.

1) ASP.NET: This plan price is stated at $8.00 for one month. Besides, In this plan, you will get these opportunities Unlimited Support, Free Website Migration, Speed Optimization, Easy use Control Panel, Unlimited Storage Space.

2) VPS SPECIAL: It is one of another plan which starts at $6.00 per month. Here you will find this opportunity like Instant Activation, cPanel or Direct Admin, Unlimited Support, Multiple Operating Systems, 2GB RAM + 30GB SSD Storage.

3) DEDICATED: One of the most popular plans started at $49.00 per month. Here this plan also you will get some facilities such as Hardware Replacement Guarantee, Unlimited Support, Hard Drive – 2000 GB, Memory – 32 GB, eon E3-1230.

What types of billing plans does InterServer have to offer?

In the default procedure, InterServer bill for every plan from month to month, and clients who are not satisfied with their service from the provider can terminate their accounts at any time with no charge, even if you’ve joined with the help of an InterServer Coupon code.

In addition, users who sign in and pay for a year of hosting receive discounts of 10% on the usual cost of services. InterServer provides the option to pay in advance for services and put an account credit, and the excess charges incurred by prepaying will be subtracted from the monthly fee when each invoice is created.


  • InterServer vs. BlueHost

BlueHost is among the most well-known web hosting companies that offer shared web hosting. In contrast to InterServer and BlueHost, they provide different pricing plans for each hosting service to pick the most suitable plan for your requirements and budget. Customers praise BlueHost for its user-friendly interface and fast customer service response times.

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  • InterServer vs. HostGator

HostGator is priced at about the same cost as InterServer however, it also offers diverse pricing plans for different customers. HostGator is among the longest-running and most widely used hosting providers and is known for its high Uptime and customer support.

Read the complete Review of HostGator here.

InterServer quickness and Uptime

We utilized InterServer hosting for over one month without experiencing problems with downtime. It’s just amazing. It is possible to see the speed test of the site’s homepage hosted by InterServer hosting. InterServer hosting. It’s important to note that we didn’t perform any optimization, and we didn’t employ the cache plugin. It was just a simple import of a dummy website using only the plugins that are required installed.

Does InterServer competent to supply your site with the power you need for success?

When we examine the shared hosting plans offered by InterServer, the user can easily be concerned. It is important to consider how the InterServer subscription host with the $2.50 monthly cost offers unlimited resources and the incredible tools and resources that the company claims are available by the hosting company’s hosting plans. It is said that the InterServer web hosting business boasts of having more than 19 years of hosting websites. That is quite a long time.

The InterServer also supplies a range of plans, including shared hosting plans, dedicated severs, VPS hosting and reseller plans. All the hosting centers for InterServer host, including four in all, are located in the US, and therefore, customers who live across North America can expect to experience incredible speeds when using Web hosting services offered by the InterServer.

InterServer Pros and Cons

In the current section of the InterServer study, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of InterServer. InterServer offers several positive features, making InterServer an extremely competitive market. Let’s review the market.


Apart from the reasonable and easy pricing, as well as the reliable servers with high speeds, InterServer offers a lot more. Here are some reasons you can choose the InterServer for hosting your websites or blogs.

• Boundless SSD storage space and Emails: InterServer provides unlimited SSD space that allows you to host multiple websites. The great thing is that starting with their basic plan of just $5 per month, you’ll have everything indefinitely and an unlimited number of email addresses. There is also the option of choosing boost plans to get more power for high-traffic blogs and websites.

•50 percent Server capacity: InterServer only utilizes 50 percent of the server’s capacity. That’s a lower number of websites per server. This allows them to accommodate the expansion of sites without causing performance issues.

• Without charge SSL certificates: In addition to the security options, InterServer offers free SSL certificates for all your websites hosted by InterServer. This protects your website and also protects your users’ information. It is available at no cost.

• Free Website Movement: Today, as some of the leading hosting providers have begun charging for the migration of their websites, InterServer offers free website migration. They also clean your account of hacker-infected, compromised, or exploited information when they transfer your site to their servers.

• 30 Days Money Support Assurance: InterServer hosting is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee which means that should you not be satisfied with their service, You can ask for an exchange. This allows you to try their hosting service without stress. Your money is protected.


All top service providers have negatives; InterServer isn’t an exception. There are some negatives of InterServer also. Here are a few negatives of InterServer we found in our tests.

• Data Centers Based On US: InterServer provides the primary provider for all their data centers in the US, but you can avoid this issue through any CDN. InterServer provides simple and free connectivity to Cloudflare. Cloudflare CDN, which is available to purchase for free.

• Refusal Without Charge Domain Name: InterServer cannot provide the domain name free in their hosting plans. If you decide to purchase the domain you want, you can do so through InterServer through your hosting plan, and you can select. It should not be difficult if you already have the domain or If you already have one buy domain.

Conclusion: InterServer Reviews

InterServer reviews has shown that this web hosting provider is one of the best choices for ambitious and new website owners. The all-inclusive plans with price lock-ins will allow you to increase the visibility of your website at your own speed without worrying about price increases in the near future.

Apart from providing the most effective tools such as cPanel and Plesk, InterServer also provides high-quality security and performance, with various distinct choices. The variety of hosting options, together with the possibility of upgrading to more powerful VPS and dedicated servers, means that they can cater to all. In the end, we’d like to declare that InterServer offers a top-quality service that is effective for all customers. We’ve tested several hosting companies within the hosting web field and have found the best line on the market.

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