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Elementor Review 2022: Details, Features & Pricing

Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder plugin that works with WordPress. If you’re interested in WordPress development or have already been using WordPress for a long time, Elementor might not be the first name that comes to mind for you. It’s among the most well-known WordPress page builders currently and is the most effective one you can install on your site.

Using this plug-in, you can build the pages on the WordPress website exactly how you want them to appear without writing code. It is a front-end application meaning that you can create your pages in real-time and get exactly what you get.


Elementor is packed with features that make it among the most popular web builders. Here’s the list of features I believe are the most effective.

  • Drag & Drop:

If you’re using Elementor, the software, you don’t need to become an experienced in programming. You can create beautiful websites with the Drag & Drop Feature. All you need to do is select the layout and then begin making edits to the features you would like to alter. You can either make new pages to edit or alter those you already have. The Drag & Drop feature gives you full control over the layout. One thing I like more concerning Elementor is the real-time display of the modifications you make. If you alter something, you can instantly see its impact on the screen.

  • Highly flexible:

In contrast to other web builders, which require you to work on a Laptop or Desktop, Elementor gives you greater flexibility. It is possible to modify or edit your entire website from any mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone! Imagine how easy and flexible it would be to make changes to your website from anywhere? This feature is truly unique from the other.

  • Template Library:

If you’re trying to create your website quickly, without spending much effort, Elementor has a solution to help you with this. Because of the templates library in Elelementor that you can download any template that fits your website’s goals and start making changes to the templates.

 Templates are offered in two types:

  • Pages: These are professionally created pages that are ready to use templates that you can use directly on your website. Choose one, and then begin making changes to the contents.
  • Blocks: When you are looking for something more custom, Blocks can be a good choice. They are specific sections of a particular design that you can select and incorporate into your site. E.g. If you’d like a pre-built blog section on your site, you can choose the one from the library and make use of it.
  • Mobile responsive designs:

Today, almost half of the internet traffic is generated by Mobile devices. Therefore, your site must look and function well when viewed on Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones & Tablets alike. If you choose to use Elementor, you are sure that your site will be mobile-friendly by default. If you’d prefer to know how your site’s mobile or tablet version appears, you can check it out via the interface.

  • Attractive Motion effects:

Motion effects such as parallax could assist in making your site more appealing and user-friendly. If you’re interested in doing the same thing to your site, Elementor is also equipped with this feature. You can apply a vast variety of motion effects to the various elements of your site. Additionally, you can incorporate mouse effects that make the scrolling process more intuitive.

  • Pop-up Builder:

Pop-ups can be a fantastic method to create instant awe and take your customer to the next step in your sales funnel. I believe it’s among the top essential elements of a marketing campaign.

Elementor Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Elementor is broken down into three plans that are affordable, including personal, plus and expert. This is a brief overview of each plan and another plan is given which is known as free version.

1. Elementor personal

The annual fee of $49 Elementor Personal bundle is an excellent package to start your first project. The package includes a theme maker popup builder, popup builder, and online store builders. Subscribers also get 50+ professional widgets as well as 300+ professional templates and a whole year of assistance.

2. Elementor plus

The Elementor Plus package is ideal for those working in the freelance market in the case of, say, working with two to three clients. With an annual cost of $99, you can access more than 300 professional designs, as well as more than 50 professional widgets and three websites. All tools for building are included, too. The purchaser will get a full year of support and updates as well.

3. Elementor expert

The Expert plan of Elementor is an excellent choice for large to mid-sized digital agencies. It includes all of the features included in Elementor Plus and comes with a full calendar year’s worth of service.The only distinction is that you can make it available to over 1000 websites. The cost is $199 per year.

4. Free version

For those who are still at the beginning of their journey and want to test this program out for themselves, Elementor has a trial version for free.It’s not a trial. However, anyone can download it and use it for free without restriction.The only drawback is that you can use the drag-and-drop builder and 30 widgets that are basic.

Alongside these fantastic bonuses, you receive access to a 24/7 customer support service, who will assist you by remote access to Elementor’s Elementor dashboard. Each plan comes with the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try the Pro version without any worries and, if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription and keep using our free edition.

Elementor Customer Support

With the many features, Elementor offers, it’s not unusual to feel somewhat lost. As many novices begin to explore the world that is web-based design, the question is whether customer support is adequate?It’s that simple! Elementor offers you a wealth of information to help you get started, including documented questions and responses from previous customers as well as instructional videos that can be followed step by stage and quickly get the grasp of.

Furthermore, you also can connect with web creators and designers who have used Elementor as an opportunity to start their careers. Chat directly with them and receive helpful advice and tip to help your page stand out on other pages or join them in building the community.

How to use Elementor?

Elementor is an extension made by WordPress which requires users to install and activate it exactly as other plugins you’ve previously used. Following this, you can open the settings panel or visit your WordPress and create the new WordPress! Following this step and the subsequent ones guide you without confusion. However, it begins with editing using Elementor.

It will direct you to the next screen; an Elementor users interface.The main page contains access to test pages and diverse introductions to features. The major components of this page are different from the primary canvas to the section that can help create your work.

Is Elementor Easy To Learn?

This site is effective and precise in its directions and also takes into consideration the majority of people who find learning programming languages and the like difficult. It features a visually-oriented drag and drop interface, which makes most tasks easier.

The array of elements will provide you with a larger selection of options to design the perfect layout for your project. It is also easy to alter the layout to provide greater detail to your text block by using the Drag and Drop method and the primary canvas. Since it doesn’t require code or programming and has no computer language, many users view Elementor as a benefit and claim that it has reduced their workload less than it used to be. With the help of hierarchical structures, it is simple to organize the information on the site as well.

Elementor Review: PROs & CONs

  • If we look at the pros: Elementor is the most well-known and light page builder. It operates straight out of the box, and it comes with a myriad of elements such as widgets, elements, and page layouts to build your web pages. You can create your web pages as stunningly as you can without coding. It’s extremely useful for all who are novices in HTML, CSS or JS or want to reduce time in designing websites.
  • Discussing the cons: Using too many design elements can slow down your site, particularly in the case of shared hosting and having only a few resources. I would suggest that you use only the fonts you have chosen for all pages on your site. In addition, you should utilize an efficient cache plugin to increase the speed of your site.


With more than three million downloaded from the WordPress repository and 4-5-star scores from many users, Elementor is among the top well-known WordPress pages builders. It can be used with virtually all WordPress themes, with its aesthetic and design elements. In addition, the plugin works immediately and without the need for additional settings.

The biggest benefit of using the Elementor Page Builder is the ability to create and build your pages in any way you want, even if you have no understanding of HTML or CSS. It is not possible to have this many options with the default WordPress or, in reality, in the majority of WordPress themes.

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