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Hostinger review 2022: Details, Features & Pricing

Hostinger Media Company was established in 2004. Since then, the web hosting service has served more than 29 million users worldwide. Based on Hostinger’s staff, they’ve around 15,000 new signups each day. It’s no wonder that Hostinger is among the most popular web hosting companies today.

It is worth noting that Hostinger was the Hostinger website hosting name launched in the year 2011. The company’s rapid expansion into international markets began with incorporating a brand new company in Cyprus. As of 2014, Hostinger boasted around 10 million users worldwide, and within less than 8 years, their users nearly doubled. You can create a website and enjoy high-quality hosting for one of the lowest rates available with Hostinger. If you’re building a brand new website or seeking an upgrade to your existing hosting service, we’ve put together a complete analysis of Hostinger to assist you in making the right choice.


Here are some great features offered by Hostinger WordPress hosting.

  • A free domain name is included
  • Free SSL certificates
  • The ability to access SSD storage to speed up website speed
  • $150 Google Ads Credits
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to managed WordPress, which includes seamless WordPress installation and auto-updates.
  • Cloudflare protected Nameservers
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited databases as well as FTP accounts. Unlimited databases and FTP
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • SSH access is required to protect your remote servers
  • You can create up to 100 email addresses at absolutely no cost
  • Free daily backups
  • Free CDN to increase your website’s speed worldwide

Hostinger Review: Plans And Pricing

Hostinger provides three fundamental Shared Hosting plans: Single, Premium, and Business Shared Hosting. Select the single Shared Hosting package. You’ll be able to create a single website, utilize 30GB of solid-state drives (SSD) storage capacity, create one email account and obtain an unrestricted SSL certificate. You’ll have to purchase a domain name. However, you’ll be able to get a domain at no cost if you select the Business or Premium Hosting plan.

  • A Single Shared Host plan comes with 100GB in bandwidth and two databases as well, like accessibility to GIT (software that manages versions that enhance the site’s security, flexibility, and performance).
  • In the Premium Sharing Hosting package, you can make 100 domain-based email accounts and create 100 websites from just one Hostinger account. When you sign up for the premium hosting package you will get unlimitable bandwidth, database databases as well as 100GB of SSD storage.
  • This business Shared Hosting plan offers 200GB of SSD storage daily backups and no-cost CDN (a technology that reduces delays). Additionally, this plan can support the possibility of 100,000 daily visits per month. Naturally, this plan also comes with features mentioned in the previous paragraph, including a free SSL certificate as well as 100 email addresses that are based on domains and many more.

Additionally, Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Cloud Hosting: Nevertheless, it is a bit of a mystery; we’ll explain each of the offers. The minimum cost for signing to Cloud Hosting is $7.99 per month. The Startup plan allows you to run up to 300 web pages on one Hostinger account. It also comes with 3GB of RAM per plan, 200GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth. Remember that the Cloud Hosting Startup plan includes a cloud hosting plan with a cost-free SSL certificate.
  • Shared Hosting: If Shared Hosting cannot fulfill all your hosting needs, The VPS Hosting plan is the most suitable alternative. This VPS1 Hosting plan includes 20GB of storage capacity at 1TB, an IP address and 1 physical core. A VPS1 Hostinger plan starts starting at $3.95 per month. However should you require additional equipment and options, you should be aware that Hostinger offers these VPS hosting options.
  • Email Hosting: Email Hosting is a unique hosting service focused mostly on servers for email. For email hosting with the Business plan, you’ll need $0.99 per month. This hosting plan is perfect for people who require 10GB of storage. Furthermore, the hosting plan comes with two mail filters, fifty email aliases, and a virus checker.

Note: Hostinger provides Email, VPS, and Cloud Hosting plans. To check out the full cost list for all Hostinger services, visit this web page of Hostinger’s website.

Hostinger Performance

Your speed when Webhosting is without doubt an important and vital aspect to take into consideration prior to choosing a hosting web service. The speed of your site and the uptime should be top-quality regardless of what price you pay. If your website is down frequently or doesn’t have the right speed, which leaves the visitors unhappy and unhappy, it’s not worth the cost, even though you pay $1.29 monthly. Amazingly, Hostinger did exceptionally well in terms of performance and speed. An overview of Hostinger’s performance reveals that the average loading time was an incredible 2.23s, and uptime over several months of testing was approximately 99.99 percent, that’s quite satisfactory.

Hostinger Review: Customer Support

Customer support is another important aspect to consider when choosing a host. This is a particular area in which Hostinger must improve its service significantly. Response times are extremely slow. I view their chat feature as creating a ticket and then responding via the chat window. The greatest thing is the fact that it doesn’t need to wait for executives to get a response. When you receive an email, an executive responds to your inquiry.

There’s a plugin named Hostinger that is pre-installed on WordPress. I wasn’t sure what the point was for this plugin. Therefore, I considered contacting Hostinger’s customer support to clarify the same issue. When I sent the message, the chat window indicated that responding was not more than 10 minutes. However, the message stated that it could take 30 minutes to get a live expert to respond to your question.

Hostinger Competitors

If you’re already familiar with the industry of web hosting, then you’re aware Hostinger has a lot of competition. In this segment of the Hostinger analysis, we’ll look at the best hosting providers and attempt to figure out which is the most suitable for you. Therefore, without further delay, let’s compare Hostinger with Bluehost and other competitors.

Hostinger vs Bluehost

Bluehost was established in 2003. Since then, it’s expanded to become one of the largest and most trusted web hosting services. Bluehost offers user-friendly and customized cPanel and site builders for free and domain-specific email addresses. While many people like cPanel more, Hostinger has developed a customized panel that is user-friendly and user-friendly.

The two hosting providers, Bluehost Hostingfer and Bluehost Hostingfer, are reasonably priced, and each of them offers appealing features to assist you in creating a unique website. The major distinction between these two hosting companies is that the Bluehost hosting plan includes the domain registration service for free for one year.

However, it’s important to note that Hostinger offers speedier loading times. A good loading speed creates an impressive first impression and guarantees Hostinger is the winner. Hostinger has the upper hand in this contest.

Hostinger vs. GoDaddy

If you’ve ever heard of GoDaddy, you’re aware that GoDaddy is Hostinger’s most powerful competitor. GoDaddy is known for its performance excellence. However, Hostinger isn’t far any further behind. Hostinger’s Simple Hosting plan offers 100 GB of bandwidth, GoDaddy offers unlimited bandwidth regardless of the plan you select.

Hostinger is less expensive than GoDaddy. Our opinion is that GoDaddy is expensive; however, most people prefer GoDaddy over Hostinger because GoDaddy is a more effective advertiser. Furthermore, while GoDaddy provides unlimited bandwidth and larger storage space, Hostinger’s 100GB of bandwidth and 30GB of SSD storage are sufficient for the majority of website owners.

While GoDaddy is a more effective marketer, Hostinger offers better features at a lower cost.

Hostinger vs. SiteGround

Similar to Hostinger, SiteGround was founded in 2004. Since the time, SiteGround team members have offered web hosting services to millions of customers worldwide. SiteGround, on the contrary side, does not offer domain names for free, which is among the major reasons people prefer to pick other hosting companies instead of SiteGround.

Furthermore, Hostinger offers more storage space and is a good option for WordPress novices and more experienced users. Hostinger is among Hostinger’s most cost-effective hosting companies, and, most importantly, it has a remarkable speed of uptime and loading times for pages.

Hostinger Pros& Cons

Hostinger Pros:
  • WordPress plans: WordPress plans that offer a robust onboarding experience with the majority of WordPress plan guarantee an excellent user experience.
  • Both Windows and Linux hosting is offered: In addition to traditional Linux plans, Hostinger additionally offers Windows hosting for VPS plans.
  • Multilingual client service: Hostinger’s customer support representatives are available in various languages and are located around the globe.
  • Hosting plans that are affordable: Beginning at $0.99 for very low discounts for new users.
Hostinger Cons:
  • Low uptime: In comparison, according to standards set by the industry, Hostinger’s guarantee isn’t competitive.
  • No specific service: Hostinger does not offer a specific hosting plan.
  • There is no phone support: Hostinger’s customer support options Hostinger has are strong; however, the company doesn’t provide over-the-phone support.

Conclusion: Hostinger Review

Hostinger is among the most versatile hosting companies and offers a variety of options regardless of how large or small your site or the type of site you want to create. Although the speed of uptime has decreased a bit and isn’t quite as consistent as we’d prefer but the load time is fast, and the pros appear to outweigh the few negatives. Be prepared for eventual downtime.

We strongly recommend Hostinger as a hosting option to have your site up and run and expand it up as needed. Hostinger is ideal for beginners and experienced when creating websites and offers solid support and assistance during the process.

You can try Hostinger with money back guarantee.

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