Review of HostMonster


Review of HostMonster 2022: How good is it?

Websites have developed to be one of the vital parts of every business nowadays. Be it a commercial website or anything simple like a personal portfolio website.

These days, it is expected that every professional from any sector will have their own website. It brings us to another question, which hosting service should I choose for my website. Among many website hosting services out there, Hostmonster is one among the many that are well-known in this sector.

I am currently using Hostmonster to host my website, and in this review of Hostmonster, I’m going to let you know what to expect from Hostmonster and what you would really get out of it. Let’s start.

What Is HostMonster?

HostMonster is a website hosting service provider. They have been working since 1996 to provide hosting solutions for personal and business websites. Among many other reliable websites hosting services out there, HostMonster is well known for its budget-friendly packages.

Types And Features

From a good business owner to an average job searcher, everyone needs websites in the modern era. But not everyone has a large budget. So if you want to host your website fully on a customized or short budget, HostMonster can be your choice. It provides you with some of the top plans and features. Let’s find out in our review what types and features HostMonster offers:


Generally, HostMonster offers three types of hosting, shared, dedicated, and VPS. Check them out below:

VPS Hosting

HostMonster provides Linux-based VPS Hosting plans to assist you in coping with sudden increases in traffic or plan overflow. They are mainly cloud-based. You will have control over your server via cPanel, and you will be able to grant access to others for server management. You’ll get complete root access and the resources specified in your hosting contract.

Hostmonster offers you four plans in VPS Hosting, including Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate. The fundamental difference among the plans is mainly on cores, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses.

PlansCoresRAMStorageBandwidth (per month)Dedicated IP Address
Standarddual core2 GB30 GB1 TB1
Enhanceddual core4 GB60 GB2 TB2
Premiumtriple-core6 GB90 GB2 TB2
Ultimatequad-core8 GB120 GB3 TB2
Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is useful for launching one or more sites. Hostmonster provides you with all necessary resources, including unlimited bandwidth, data transfer, website building tools, and a control panel. They also offer databases, front and back-end scripting with multiple language support, including Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript.

There are multiple plans for you in this type of Hosting too:

PlansNumber of websitesStorageEmail accountsOther
Entry level150 GB5 (each supporting 100 MB data)a free domain name
Mid-range10150 GB100 (each supporting 500 MB data)special marketing offers and protection against spam
Top tierunlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedget premium marketing offers, spam protection, privacy protection, and automatic backups
Dedicated Hosting

HostMonster offers dedicated servers too. They are reliable and suited for different requirements. It also provides packages in three categories, each offering free domain names.

PlansCoresCacheRAMStorage (with RAID)Data transfer per monthDedicated IP addresses
Entry-level43 MB4 GB500 GB5 TB3
Mid-range48 MB8 GB1000 GB10 TB4
High-end48 MB16 GB1000 GB15 TB5


The plans you can purchase from Hostmonster include certain typical features for you. These are the basic features you get from almost all the hosting services. Along with them, there are various other features that are unique to Hostmonster. Let’s find out in our review of HostMonster, what they are offering to us:

First and foremost, you will have access to unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, and a free drag-and-drop site builder. After that, you can acquire a one-year free domain name. After that, you can get unlimitedly many things like unlimited GB of site transfer, IMAP/Secure IMAP email support, Add-on domains, parked domains and subdomains, POP3 secure email support, Forwarding email accounts, and many more.

However, there are some features that you might miss. For instance, you will not get any Email autoresponder in this hosting.

Hostmonster offers many unique features you would love to get in any web hosting service. Moreover, most of those features come with an unlimited package. And undoubtedly, you will get these extra features for free with your purchased plan. Let’s see what features you might get:

CGI/ Databases

The main attraction of the database is MySQL databases. Along with it, you’ll also get the CGI- Bin, CGI Library,  Javascript support, PHP 5, DHTML Support, Perl 5, Python, PostgreSQL databases, and Flash Support. These are the main attractions of Hostmonster, given the fact that there are many other features.

Website Scripts

Hostmonster also provides you with this support. You will be provided with some of the essential features you require for your websites—for instance, Message forums, scripts, Mailing List, Image Galleries, and Blog Support. The message forum includes PHPBB and More. Among scripts, there are social networking, form-mail, and help center or support ticket scripts.

These features will be pretty helpful if you’re a beginner at websites. Moreover, they will help you minimize your work, save your time and ease your work. 


You can add online shopping features to your website if you purchase a bundle containing this. With the support of this feature, you can also add shop carts to your websites like Agora shopping cart, Cube cart shopping cart, Zen cart shopping cart, and many more like these online shops.

Furthermore, there is no way that you will be dissatisfied with this function. Do not hesitate to use this feature however you want, because you are already paying for it.

Multimedia Features

This is one of the most interesting and exciting features available. You can easily stream videos and audio by using Hostmonster hosting services. Moreover, You can use raw files in it. Hostmonster supports your quality and preserves the high quality in place to fulfill your and your website visitor’s happy use.

World-Class Technology

Hostmonster assures your complete security and backup plans. They use good quality technologies in their hosting. While looking into their infrastructure, it was found that Hostmonsters have a Dual Quad Processor Performance server, open-source operating system like Linux, Diesel Generator Backup, power backup by UPS,  and 24/7network monitoring. I think it will relieve you from any kind of fear of losing your important data assets.


Hostmonster presents some plans with different offers for you. These plans are very lucrative for people who want all-in-one types of plans.

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting, customers can choose between four different plans.


Usually, this package would cost you  $11.99 per month, but with a discount at the time, you can have it for only $4.95.

You’ll get all the necessary services from this plan. It includes one website with 50 GB of space and Unmetered bandwidth with standard performance.

Now, let’s find out some information about the domain. You can get 1 included domain, five parked domains, and 25 subdomains in this package. You can use five mail accounts, and the storage is 100 MB per account. And lastly, if you purchase, you will also get an SSL certificate free of cost.


Usually, this package price is $14.99, but now Hostmonster is offering this package for $6.95 per month with a discount for a limited time. The service you will receive in this plan is similar to the basic package’s essential features, but you will have better accessibility in those features in the Plus package. For instance, the website is unlimited, and the space of the website is unmetered in this package, unlike the basic. You can get the parked domain, subdomain, and email accounts in domains and emails.

Now let’s take a look at the extra features you’ll find here. You’ll get marketing offers of $200, plus extras worth $24 years and a spam specialist.

Choice Plus

You can now get the package for $6.95 with a discount, though the regular price is generally $17.99.

The features you will get here are similar to the Plus features. But Choice plus is more useful than the Plus package because of some extra features, which are: over $80 a year in extras, one spam expert, one domain privacy + protection codeGuard Basic as backup protection. It’s entirely up to you which package you want to choose for the same price. Consider your options carefully and select the plan that provides the best value for you.

Go Pro

Like every other package mentioned above, you can also get this package at a discount as of now. The standard charge of this package is $29.99, but now you can get it for around only $14.95. Every feature available in the Choice Plus package is also available in this package. And like all others we have discussed before, you will get some extra features in this package. Domain privacy + protection, dedicated IP, high-performance server, and site backup are among the other services included in this plan.

VPS Hosting

For VPS hosting, HostMonster also provides you with some best deals. These are,


You get the package for only $19.99 along with Dual Core, 2 GB Ram, 30 GB, 1 TB/ per month, Free domain name, 1IP, and CentOS 6.5 (4 bit)


This package is only $29.99, and the services are like the Standard package, but you can get some extra services like 4 GB Ram, 60 GB, 2TB per month, and 2 IPs.


A triple-core with 6 Gb Ram, 90 GB, 2 GB per month, free domain name, 2 IPs, and lastly CentOS 6.5 (64 bit) all of these you get in only $44.99 in Premiumpack of VPS hosting.


This is the highly paid package of VPS hosting for $59.99 with the same features, but you get significant features extra like Quad-Core, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB, and  TB per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is like VPS hosting, but you only get three options to host your site with all HostMonsters facilities in traditional hosting. These are, 


Four cores, eight threads Intel with Xeon Processor, 3 MB cache, 8 GB Ram, 500 GB (RAID 1), 5 TB per month, free domain name, 3 IPs, and lastly, CentOS 6.5 (64-bit) all of these you get now $79.99, but previously the prize was $109.99 high. Now you can get it in cheaper.


In this package, the rate is reduced from $159.99 to $99.99 with 8 MB cache, 8 GB Ram, 1000  GB  (RAID 1), 10 TB per month with 4 IPs, and else are like the standard package.


The main attraction of this package is its reduction. You will get a $209.99 package only for $119.99, and the features you get extras are 16 GB Ram, 15 TB per month, and 5 IPs and else are as usual as an enhanced pack. Now it’s your choice which package you want to grab for your hosting. 

So, that’s everything I discovered about Hostmonster’s plans for you; all you have to do now is pick the best plan for your needs and budget.


Hostmonster seemed quite reliable for security to me. They have different tiers of security in various sectors, including Physical Security, Customer Hosted Environment Security, Network Security, Software Security, Incident Management, Personnel Security, Patch Management, and Virus/Malware Management. All these serve different purposes in a vast arena relating to security which is mentioned in detail on their website.

In the case of privacy and information, HostMonster collects some user information, digital information, and some others, which are essential for various reasons. These reasons include maintaining the quality of services, Analytics and statistical purposes, Payment processing,  Account registration, Customer and technical support, including customized advertising, Customized content, Marketing, providing services and content, Security,  Business communications, Compliance, and Legal reasons. It is essential, and most other hosting companies collect the exact data for nearly the same reason. The privacy details are also available on their website if you’re interested.


After using HostMonster for a considerable amount of time and analyzing all the features provided in the plans and other extra services, I can assure you that HostMonster is one of the speedy servers offering hosting with a high level of uptime, 99.97%.

Uptime is regarded as the most crucial factor to consider when it comes to website hosting. It is ineffective to host your site if your company has been unavailable online for an extended period. Customers and visitors always get irritated when they find out that the website they are searching for is down. Moreover, repeated occurrences like this might cost you losing your customers altogether.

That’s why you must choose a hosting service with good uptime. You can select HostMonster in this regard to ensure that your uptime is getting a high percentage. On the other hand, You have to monitor all the time that the uptime rate is good enough to run your business site with the host you have now.

HostMonster is a hosting service where you can get all the essential features in a package deal and at a liberal price. Like, if you purchase the Choice Plus package, which you get at only $6.95, you can have these all features,

  • Unlimited website.
  • Unmetered website space
  • One domain prophecy + protection.
  • One spam expert
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Standard performance.
  • Unlimited parked domains,  subdomains.
  • Unlimited Email accounts, Email storage.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • 1 Domain
  • Codeguard Basic Backup protection

You can be satisfied with Hostmonsters service if you pay close attention to all of the features, and I can assure you of that.

Customer Service

If you face any problems or have any queries about Hostmonster, then Hostmonster provides you with the easiest methods to get connected with them directly and solve your problem.

You can find a nice feature on their website if you go to the contact us option. If you require any technical assistance, you can contact them directly on their main telephone line. The telephone service is always open for customers except on weekends.

If you’re not comfortable with that, you can message a technical support chat from the technical support team. This service is available for every customer through the Hostmonster website’s billing support department, sales department, and Terms of the service compliance department sections of the Hostmonster website.

Live Chat

Aside from the hotline number, there is a live chat option on the top of the HostMonster website, which is the phone support team’s alternative option. You can use the HostMonster live chat service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to obtain an immediate response to any questions you may have about the site or services. A member of the HostMonster helping team is always with you to respond to every question you have in mind.

Pros and Cons

Everything has its positive and negative sides. Hostmonster is not different. Along with all the features, there are some drawbacks too. I have discussed in this review about them.

Now, it is time to learn about Hostmonster’s advantages and disadvantages, which is your right as a Hostmonster customer. So, let’s see.


  • Pricing: The starter pack of Hostmonster is very affordable to everyone, which is $4.95 only with lots of features, and many of them are unlimited.
  • Uptime: The uptime of Hostmonster is 99.97% which is very reliable to everyone who wants to host.
  • Response: The Hostmonster customer support team responds too quickly to the customer in live chat or helpline. The response speed is enough to satisfy our customers.
  • Server Locations: They have two locations available one is in the US, and the other one is outside the US.


  • Site Speed: The site speed is 3 seconds which is worrying for some customers.
  • Customer Support: The support team wasn’t satisfactory. They don’t want to service especially. The support assistance is not adequate.
  • Daily Backup: Daily backup is not free; you have to purchase it with the package.

Conclusion: Review of HostMonster

Finally, website hosting is the most essential thing in order to publish a website online. It is up to you which you would choose. HostMonster seemed reliable enough to me with some drawbacks like most other hosting services. After the thorough discussion on this review of HostMonster, my suggestion would be to use the Basic plan with minimum cost, try it out yourself, and decide if you would like to choose HostMonster as your permanent web hosting server. You can try HostMonster with 30 days money back guarantee.

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