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Namecheap Reviews 2022: Does it worth buying?

Namecheap began in the year 2000 as a domain registrar to be the finest ever to have been. With over 14 million web addresses registered globally ever since we can fairly claim that Namecheap’s idea became a reality. Furthermore, it has been expanding its offerings and updating its platform to include web hosting. Namecheap believes that having an Internet presence is essential for everyone; thus, they offer low-cost access to all you need to run a website. Namecheap’s hosting plans provide quick, reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee.

 The headquarters of Namecheap is in Phoenix (Arizona, USA), where the company operates and administers 3 data centers: one in their homeland, the second near Nottingham, UK, and the third in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The entire team is a combination of people that are always committed to their clients. They believe that the best technology requires quality staff with the proper attitude to support it. So, all over the world, they have such a group of visionaries and hard workers just like you, eager to assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

Before you buy Namecheap, make sure to read our complete Namecheap reviews so you can make an ideal decision.

Features of Namecheap

Although Namecheap’s feature set isn’t the most advanced, there are several standouts worth considering. You may utilize Namecheap’s app store to add a new feature to the hosting account. Anything from a simple website builder to extra security and features may be found here. There are also both free and paid connectors with various third-party sites. There are worth mentioning features are mentioned here.

  • Namecheap employs cutting-edge server technology from companies such as Dell, HP, as well as Supermicro.
  • Whether it’s the source of energy, the network card, or the high speed of the servers, every component has several redundancies.
  • Backups are made twice each week for plans, and auto-backup is included for complimentary with Stellar Plus as well as Stellar Business.
  • There are over more than100 single-click apps.
  • A single point of contact handles billing and support.
  • There are no contracts.
  • Websites from the other hosting providers can transfer easily for free.
  • All hosting plans include free email accounts, thirty email accounts with Stellar, unlimited email accounts for Stellar Plus but also Stellar Business.
  • Pages load exceptionally quickly, which is essential for any organization.
  • cPanel is being used. cPanel is the most popular control panel globally, making users’ lives easier.
  • The Softaculous installer allows you to install WordPress or other applications with a few clicks. You can easily keep updating your applications.
  • It is simple to increase your hosting subscription if the company gets too large for the current package.
  • Services level agreement (SLA) provides a guarantee of 100 percent uptime.
  • Shared hosting plans are all unmetered bandwidth.

Namecheap has been in business for several years but is no newbie to the hosting industry. Namecheap is doing something right, with over 3 million web hosting clients under its umbrella. However, whether or not Namecheap is worth purchasing is debatable. So, remain with us and read our complete evaluation for more details.

Types and Pricing of Namecheap

There are so many hosting options for you. From our Namecheap reviews, you can easily understand what you need. They have Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting (WP), Reseller hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Free migration hosting services.

1. Shared Hosting

 Shared Hosting starts with their very low-cost first hosting option. Host a website on a site that is also used by other websites. All accounts maintained on the server access server resources such as CPU time, memory, and disk space. Shared hosting starts at $1.58 each month, including benefits of managed WordPress, reselling, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions are also available. Benefits vary according to the subscription period.

Shared hosting for the United States:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Stellar PlusUnmetered5.88
Stellar Business50GB9.88

Shared hosting for the United Kingdom & EU:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Stellar PlusUnmetered6.88
Stellar Business50GB10.88

2.WordPress Hosting

EasyWP is the most affordable Managed WordPress Hosting service available. Simple price and flexible options to fit any budget. You may enjoy the benefits of Free Positive SSL, CDN, Storage, and many more at a low cost. You will have more options for quarterly and annual memberships.

Word Pressing hosting plans:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
EasyWP Starter10GB4.88
EasyWP Turbo (best choice)50GB8.88
EasyWP Supersonic100GB13.88

3. Reseller Hosting

They also have a reseller hosting server option. Shared accommodation server space or hosting services to other websites utilizing a particular form of website hosting service that you lease from a hosting provider with many other benefits.The way of making own money with the help of Namecheap. You will have more options for quarterly and annual memberships.

Reseller Hosting plans for the US:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Galaxy Expert (popular)90GB39.88
Universe Pro150GB58.88

Reseller Hosting plans for the UK:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Galaxy Expert (popular)90GB40.88
Universe Pro150GB59.88

4. VPS Hosting

Hosting a profile on virtual servers, in which the available server resources are shared among all members, but specific resources are allocated for each one. You can get a chance to control and flexibility your business when required. You will have more options for quarterly and annual memberships.

VPS Hosting plans:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Pulsar (popular)40GB11.88
Quasar (best)120GB19.88

5. Dedicated Servers

You could also have a dedicated server option, which allows you to rent then use a personal server which is either controlled or uncontrolled. People have access to all resources on the system, and assets are not associated with any other users. You will have more options for quarterly and annual memberships.

Dedicated servers plans:

Package TypeStoragePrice ($) monthly
Xeon E3-1230 v5480GB48.88
Xeon E-22362x960GB86.88
Dual AMD EPYC 72824×1.92TB279.88

6. Hosting Migration to Namecheap

You can do so effortlessly if you are currently on another server and would like to switch to Namecheap. They will handle your transfer in 24 hours for free during your first year. You only need to complete the following:

  • Give your current account information.
  • Permit them to your account.
  • Comply with Namecheap’s hosting criteria.
  • Take a ticket.

Our reviews Namecheap reviews show you the varieties of hosting and their plans, storage, and what they offer for different countries. Read thoroughly to get to know more about Namecheap. Their packages and the prices are incredible.

Security of Namecheap

If you are concerned about protecting hosting servers, consider Namecheap, which provides numerous security safeguards, albeit with a few drawbacks. All subscriptions have two-factor verification free domain protection, including free SSL certificates for website authentication. You will also receive comprehensive DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) security to lessen the chance of hackers interfering with your site.

There is, however, no info on malware detection or eradication. Namecheap does not appear to provide proactive server monitoring. Therefore, you would have to handle this yourself.

On the other hand, Namecheap has recently teamed with the Coalition to supply you with inexpensive cyber liability insurance. What distinguishes Coalition is that you receive a variety of free, effective security measures to combat online crime, Lowering the cyber risk by about 40%., which has collaborated with Namecheap, may also be used to swiftly and securely authenticate your user’s online identity.

Furthermore, you may protect your account using Domain Privacy, Public DNS, anti-spam protection, a private VPN, and a variety of additional features. Hopefully, our Namecheap reviews have alleviated your security concerns.

Uptime of Namecheap

Namecheap guarantees 100 percent monthly uptime, including all shared hosting server plans and 99.9 percent for reseller and VPS services.

People are entitled to about one day of free hosting for every hour of an outage that exceeds these restrictions. We noticed 11 minutes of the blackout and a few big spikes in response time after tracking the uptime of Namecheap’s main site for two weeks using UptimeRobot. It would be best to be concerned about this because the website was online 99.94 percent of the time. It is worth noting that our Namecheap reviews got that as a domain registrar, it will be about as reliable as it gets.

Customer Service of Namecheap

Sometimes technological difficulties emerge, or software is simple to be used. However, you still need to understand how to do anything odd, modify your account, or do something else. As a result, customer service is essential. Because everything a consumer does not comprehend through websites, there is an option for customers known as Customer Support. Now we’ll tell you what Namecheap does to help their clients.

To begin, you have a few alternatives for directly contacting representatives. Contacting them can be done easily through a ticket or live chat. However, the ticketing or live chat both served me well. Some of my situations have been quicker, but there haven’t been any slower. In any regard, comparable to the best live chats, it is a bit slow, but all in all, I received my answer in less than 4 minutes. So it’s still a good live conversation, in my opinion. You can also submit feedback and receive updates and news in addition to contacting agents.

Otherwise, one can go simply to the knowledge base, a separate page, and explore or search for articles. The knowledge base at Namecheap appeals to me. It’s well-organized, offers a lot of information, and is visually appealing. Although Namecheap’s customer service isn’t particularly polished, it is still adequate.

Pros and Cons of Namecheap


  • A renowned hosting brand has been in existence since the year 2000.
  • They offer low-cost domain names.
  • The assistance is of high quality.
  • They are Trustworthy hosting services
  • The layout and design are incredibly user-friendly.
  • Migration from some of the other hosting services is free and quick.
  • Backups are performed regularly.
  • Can choose biggest shared plan and backup twice daily as well as weekly.
  • Simple registration and setup.
  • There are numerous TLDs with varied extensions available.
  • When you sign up, there are no upsells.


  • Creating SSL certificates is challenging and frequently necessitates the assistance of a professional.
  • Some components of the display are difficult to locate.
  • There is no phone support.

There will always be two sides like a coin has, but you have to choose according to your requirements. So, our reviewers are dropping a list of Pros and Cons to let you decide if Namecheap is worth buying or not.

What happens if you are unsatisfied with Namecheap services?

Are you dissatisfied with your Namecheap interaction? It isn’t an issue. If you decide you don’t like what’s going on within 30 days of commencing your services, Namecheap will return you. Namecheap does, however, provide a good 30-day money-back guarantee. You have a month to decide if their service is good for you. Hence, it is not too late to change your mind and try something new.

Conclusion: Namecheap Reviews

While Namecheap appears cheap and cheery at first glance, and you may be tempted to rethink your mind after post-promotional costs bite the budget and tie a price tag towards its last freebies.

Nonetheless, Namecheap’s feature-rich packages remain an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a setup or run a small to the medium-sized firm on a restricted budget. If you need to create a new website, you can do so quickly and easily with one of Namecheap’s various site-building tools. If you already have a website, Namecheap will relocate it for free.

If getting a top site uptime is a little less significant to you, typically, you’d be an enthusiast or a company that wants a website but does not consider a site crucial to the business—Namecheap may still be a good alternative that cuts you money.

In short, Namecheap is a questionable alternative for those with high hosting demands but a deal for those who don’t. As a registrar, it’s largely excellent. Namecheap provides 24/7 live chat in addition to a comprehensive knowledge base that you can visit if you need assistance. Hope so, you will be benefited from our Namecheap reviews. If you’re still unsure, try it risk-free for just 30 days.

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