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A2 hosting reviews 2022: Can it fulfill the need?

Websites are now an integral part of businesses. From a small retail shop to a top brand, everyone needs websites to present themselves in the best way possible to their targeted consumers.

Even in personal branding, portfolio websites have become necessary now.

And when it’s about websites, web hosting is undoubtedly one of the top things to consider. Among thousands of web hosting services out there, very few stand out from others. A2 Hosting can be counted among those few.

I have been using A2 Hosting for my portfolio website for almost five years and my business website for around two years.

Considering my experience using this hosting service, I wrote this A2 Hosting reviews for everyone looking for trusty Hosting services. Let’s get started.

A2 Hosting homepage


One of the reasons I chose to try out A2 Hosting is its features. In this A2 Hosting reviews, I’ll thoroughly discuss the notable features they provide to their customers. Let’s get started-

Free Migration

You might notice that most other hosting service providers charge you to migrate your website to their server. But A2 Hosting is unique here, providing you with a free migration service in most cases.

Money-Back Guarantee

Understandably, everyone would hesitate whenever it is about investing money. A2 Hosting felt safer to me in this regard as they are offering a money-back guarantee. You can give it a shot without risking your money.

Try out A2 Hosting, and if you think it is not suitable for you, you can get a full refund by canceling the deal within 30 days.

Faster servers with additional Turbo

A2 Hosting offers you the fastest servers in all plans. These servers are not only better for speed but also reliable and stable. This feature gives you an advantage over other web hosting companies. It helps you gain better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

It is also helpful for gaining better SEO rankings. Moreover, A2 Hosting also provides you additional Turbo and Turbo Boost servers up to 20x faster for max speeds.


A2 Hosting also offers a built-in site builder to help you make a site without spending extra on building your website. It has all the essential features to help you create a site with standard design and efficiency.

It comes with all shared hosting plans, so you have no extra cost.

99.9% Uptime Commitment

A2 Difference

Reliability is one of the top priority features of A2 Hosting. That’s why they are committed to giving you the full in this regard with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Moreover, customers who have encountered unscheduled downtime for more than 0.1 percent of the total time in a given month receive service credits from A2 Hosting.

24/7 expert support

It is common facing technical problems using any technology. The same goes for servers too. But don’t worry, if you get into any troubles maintaining your site in server or running into any technical issues, A2 Hosting provides you day and night service.

The support team is friendly and skilled, and available 24/7. This team will provide you with any guidance or direct help you require.

Types And Pricing

A2 web hosting provides you with Five types of plans with reasonable prices and reliable features included in them. I will try to point them out for you in this A2 Hosting reviews. So, let’s dig slightly deeper and find out what they are offering.

The five packages A2 offers are namely:

1. Shared Web Hosting

2. VPS Web Hosting

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

4. WordPress Web Hosting

5. Reseller Web Hosting

1. Shared Web Hosting

If you want to launch a site at a low and reasonable price, shared web hosting is the best suit for you. To share your location with others is the best with resources. There are four types of pricing plans for shared web hosting. Those are,

– Startup

– Drive

– Turbo Boost

– Turbo Max

Here is a table mentioning what these plans offer to you and what features they include:

Startup$10.99   (In 72% off – $2.99)100 GB SSD1UnlimitedUnlimited99.9%
Drive$12.99   (In 53% off – $5.99) Unlimited SSDUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited99.9%
Turbo Boost$20.99   (In 66% off $6.99 )Unlimited NVMe SSDUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited99.9%

Its key features are also available in these packages, including free and easy site migration, a Free SSL certificate and the main attraction of A2- money-back guarantee, and many more. You can choose it if you want simple and low costing site hosting.

2. VPS Web Hosting

If you want multiple Linux-based packages, then A2 offers you VPS hosting. It is special for that specific reason. VPS hosting is somewhat like shared Hosting, where you can find multiple sites on the same server.

The offered packages for VPS web hosting are,

– LIFT 4

– LIFT 8

– LIFT 16

– MACH 8

– MACH 16

– MACH 32

Yeah, the names are pretty hard for me too. Let’s check what they offer-

LIFT 4$69.99   (In 42% off – $39.99(4 GB150 GB2 TB299.9%
LIFT 8$99.99   (In 45% off -$54.99 )8 GB250 GB3 TB699.9%
LIFT 16$119.99   (In 43% off – $67.99 )16 GB450 GB4 TB899.9%
MACH 8$139.99   (In 53% off – $ 59.99)8 GB150 GB NVMe2 TB299.9%
MACH 16$189.99   (In 52% off – $ 89.99)16 GB250 GB NVMe3 TB699.9%
MACH 32$239.99   (In 58% off – $ 99.99)  32 GB450 GB NVMe4 TB899.9%

And just like always, you got lots of features with these packages. It is more like an enhanced version of shared Hosting. You also can choose it if you want Linux- based hosting and, of course, with a money-back guarantee.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

In my opinion, this plan has the most effective packages for web hosting by A2 web hosting. In this Hosting, you dont have to share your server with other sites. You also get a large amount of traffic for your place in this plan, and I am going to share with you how much you have to pay for those features are given below,

WARP 1$249.99   (In 28% off – $179.99)16 GB2 X 1 TB6 TB99.9%
WARP 2 AMD$329.99   (In 24% off – $249.99)32 GB2 X 1 TB10 TB99.9%
WARP 2 TURBO AMD$379.99   (In 26% off – $279.99)64 GB2 X 1 TB10 TB99.9%
WARP 2 INTEL$329.99   (In 24% off – $ 249.99)  32 GB2 X 1 TB10 TB99.9%
WARP 2 TURBO INTEL$379.99   (In 26% off – $ 279.99)64 GB2 X 1 TB10 TB99.9%
WARP 3$699.99   (In 18% off – $ 569.99)  64 GB2 X 960 GB10 TB99.9%
WARP 3 TURBO AMD$749.99   (In 20% off – $ 599.99)128 GB2 X 960 GB10 TB99.9%

Dedicated hosting packages offer many more features, including managed server and turbo features. However, adding those in your packages might cost you a bit more, but they are reliable and wise spending.

4. WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress websites are getting popular day by day. A2 Hosting offers you WordPress web hosting as well, which includes the following packages:





RUN$23.99   (In 50% off – $ 11.99)1 WordPress50 GB NVMe
JUMP$33.99   (In 44% off – $ 18.99)  5 WordPress250 GB NVMe
FLY$48.99   (In 40% off – $ 28.99)UnlimitedUnlimited
SELL$61.99   (In 32% off – $ 41.99)UnlimitedUnlimited

There are more basic features you can get in this package.

5. Reseller Web Hosting

If you want to make your future in this subject, the A2 reseller package is only for you. You don’t have to face any infrastructure matter and easily get all the features you need for your upcoming business; you will get here after purchasing the package. The packages are-

– Kickstart

– Launch

– Grow

– Scale

Kickstart$34.99   (In 45% off – $18.99)60 GB SSD600 GB99.9%
Launch$329.99   (In 24% off – $249.99)100 GB SSD1000 GB99.9%
Grow$69.99   (In 50% off – $34.99)100 GB NVMe1000 GB99.9%
Scale$79.99   (In 43% off – $44.99)270 GB SSD2700 GB99.9%

All these packages also have their Turbo version with some additional cost but many enhanced features.

A2 Site builder


A2 Hosting values the safety of your data and your website, and that’s why they offer SSL certificates according to your site’s requirements.

The SSL certificate may vary according to your plan. Generally, A2 Hosting provides a basic SSL for free. There is also an Advanced SSL that provides business protection of Higher level.

A2’s SSLs start at $49.95 per year for a one-year certificate and 256-bit encryption. You will know your site has this SSL as you can see the address of your site changes from “http://www.abcd.com” to “https://www.abcd.com.” But what is this SSL certificate, and why is it important?

This SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate generally associated with websites. It verifies a website’s identity and encrypts the data transferred between the site and the server.

This encryption from SSL adds an extra layer of security to your site’s data. So that whenever you use your website for accepting payments, you are protected from external risks like data breaches.

Moreover, a Secure Socket Layer certificate is vital if you use your site for any commercial reason, as an online store. These are essential data transfers between your store and the customers’ browsers. The SSL encrypts this data, helping you have a safe online transaction experience.


For hosting a website, uptime is one of the most important things. Imagine if your site is down, and because of this reason, your customer couldn’t get any access to you or your services. This type of incident creates a significant negative impact on your site and goodwill.

For this reason, you have to choose the best and most reliable hosting site where you don’t face any negative impact on your website.

If I am to say something about A2 web hosting’s uptime service, I can assure you that A2 is one of the bests, if not the best, web hosting sites for uptime.

During my use of their services, it is one of the features I observed most carefully. Regarding their uptime process, you will be amazed to know that every 20 minutes, the tool pings my website. If they could not contact my site within 1 minute, they sent an email to me about this inconvenience.

Generally, any other hosting sites go down a few times when they worked over the whole month. In that case, A2 never goes down for a single time. That’s why I highly recommend A2 for their uptime service, and you will not be disappointed.

Customer Service

If you need our team to help you with anything or are concerned about A2 Hosting, knock them. Their customer care team named Guru Crew is there for you. It will always help you out from any question, hesitation, providing the best customer care in the hosting web sector.

I can share a little experience with you as an example of their service. It was an off-day, I wanted to know about A2 web hosting plans and pricing, so I knocked them. It was surprising that; the Guru crew replied to my question within a minute.

They ensure that the customer support service is on 24/7 throughout the whole year. The most fantastic thing A2 are doing for their customer is their money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel your package within 30 days, they will refund your money. It is a big reliable thing for the customers. Even in all other A2 Hosting reviews, you’ll find that customer support is among their top services.

Pros And Cons

If you are doing something big, there is always something terrible and something good. A2 web hosting is also a powerful platform for hosts, and it also has some pros and cons.

I want to share its advantages and disadvantages with you guys, which is very important.


● Storage: A2 has unlimited storage.

● Data Transfer: Unlimited data transfer, which is very suitable for customers.

● Uptime: 99.99% uptime is massive for website hosters and their customers. It brings reliability to the customers.

● Any time money-back guarantee.

● Superfast customer service and support.

● Server Rewind Data Backups.

Superfast loading speed 288 ms.


➔ A2 Hosting is not included any free domain name in their package.

➔ The renewal price is higher than the regular monthly package prize. You have to pay three times higher the monthly cost and the deadline is for a short time of 15 days which is not satisfactory.

➔ You can get the cheapest package of A2 Hosting is only $2.99, but many of the features are restricted; that’s why this is the worst experience for the customers.

Conclusion: A2 Hosting Reviews

A2 Hosting - best solution

So, what is my final decision? As far as I have used A2 Hosting, it fulfilled my needs, and for me, it was really good value for money. If you want a good combination of service and budget, A2 Hosting should be on your top choice list.

However, everyone has different requirements and expectations. So, in this case, my suggestion would be to try it out with the money-back guarantee. If you like it, that’s money well spent. And if you do not, you can return it within 30 days. So, it is a win-win for all.

Try this hosting web service first, and let me know if my A2 hosting reviews were helpful for you.

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