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Green Geeks Reviews 2022: Does it worth buying? 

Utilizing a web host to host a website and making it available to everyone on the Internet is known as web hosting. We are well known that the more popular a website is, the more resources it will require to perform correctly. Most web hosting providers provide similar packages and there are tons of fake and unclear reviews. So, it is easy to get confused from so many reviews on a single products. To make a wise decision look at our exclusive Green Geeks Reviews.

Can you name the world’s most populous area? You may be thinking of a country or a city. But, let me enlighten you, the Internet is currently the most congested area on the planet. Server farms emit nearly the same CO2 as the airline industry, accounting for 2% of global CO2 emissions. As a child of the earth, I believe this should be one of your concerns. The name itself implies the promise of providing an environmentally friendly website. Now, check out the other factors to decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Trey Gardner, a Californian IT professional, and former CEO, launched GreenGeeks in 2008. The company now has over 50,000 users and hosts over 600,000 websites. GreenGeek, the hosting company, has also developed into a significant green energy hosting server. Green electricity through the wind energy created by GreenGeeks substitutes around 615,000 kWh of energy every year.

What sets GreenGeeks apart from the competition?

The GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting company that sets itself apart from the competition. This company also takes many initiatives to lower its carbon footprint as part of its environmental responsibility. GreenGeeks uses traditional energy sources but also purchases up to 300 percent turbine credits to offset carbon pollution from its system.

Types and features

Is there anyone who doesn’t need to utilize the Internet in this era of Internet supremacy? Everyone relies on the Internet, either indirectly or directly, from small businesses to large corporations, government and non-government organizations, offices, schools, and individuals. As a result, using a reliable, efficient web hosting provider has become a requirement. Check GreenGeeks as a web hoster.

So, what are the many types and features that are providing by GreenGeeks?

They provide scalable Linux-based hosting options at various pricing points, with the opportunity to upgrade network bandwidth if your website outgrows the original plan.

Shared hosting

You may get 50GB storage, 50 email addresses, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL with free CDN, a year of free domain registration, and faster speed by subscribing to the Pro or Premium subscription.

Hosting on a Virtual Private Server

If you require root access to a system or more management over computing resources, VPS hosting is the ideal alternative. GreenGeeks offers three different fully managed VPS solutions. The most basic package includes 2 GB of RAM, four vCPU, and 50 GB of SSD, while the most expensive plan comes with 8 GB of RAM, six vCPU, and SSD storage of 150 GB.

Word press

WordPress is undoubtedly the most well-known website management system and website builder globally. It is definitely the best designed, developed, easy to use, and massively configurable due to its open-source community, with thousands of themes, plugins, and tutorials available. Their most popular WordPress hosting option is the pro subscription; you can upgrade to premium or use their lite subscription for personal websites.

Reseller hosting

GreenGeeks offers reseller hosting as part of their superior service offering. You may take advantage of cutting-edge speed technology like Solid State Drive RAID-10 Storage Arrays, PHP7, Caching, CDN, and much more. You can outsource server resources to many other site owners and start your own small-scale web hosting business with a reseller subscription by this web host.

GreenGeeks offers a WHMCS license, which simplifies managing and billing many subscriptions a breeze. GreenGeeks will allow a free site builder as well as individual cPanel accounts to their clients. With bespoke security protocols, minor bugs, and legit 24/7 security surveillance, your accounts are protected against constant threats. If you change to GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plan, their migration experts will, free of charge, relocate up to 30 cPanel accounts for customers.

Dedicated  Hosting Server

Dedicated Server hosting from GreenGeeks is the finest option to take your digital presence to another dimension. Dedicated servers from GreenGeeks are designed with speed, stability, security, and storage in mind. You also have the entire server to you.

GreenGeeks Dedicated Servers are ideal for business owners and website administrators seeking maximum performance, consistency, and safety.

There are introductory, standard, elite, and pro server packages available.

Free Website Transfer Services

If you already have a website, GreenGeeks provides a free transfer service. No-cost free site transfer is a terrific tool for consumers who may not be digital when it refers to moving web providers.

It offers complimentary options that might be just as enticing to small businesses as its sustainable web hosting solutions.

For a year, you can have a free domain name.

Site migration service that is hassle-free and requires almost no downtime.

Also, with Free Website Builder, you may make a new website.

To start your initial Google AdWords PPC campaign, you’ll get free advertising credits.


When choosing a better web hoster, price is a significant consideration. If money is a little bit of an issue or you need a dependable eco-friendly web hoster, you may count on them. They are highly cost-effective. Their monthly subscription bundle starts at just $2.95. They will also guarantee no hidden fees and that you will receive a thirty-day 100% money back.

Now, the hosting chart that our reviewers got for you,

PackageStorageBandwidthPrice $ (monthly)
WordPress Hosting (Lite)50 GBUnmetered2.49
WordPress Hosting (Pro)UnlimitedUnmetered4.95
WordPress hosting (Premium)Unlimited  Unmetered  8.95
VPS Hosting (Lite)50 GB SSD10 TB39.95
VPS Hosting (Pro)75 GB SSD10 TB59.95
VPS Hosting (Premium)150 GB SSD10 TB109.95
Reseller Hosting (Lite)60 GB600 GB19.95
Reseller Hosting (Pro)80 GB800 GB24.95
Reseller Hosting (Premium)160 GB1600 GB34.95
Dedicated server hosting (Entry server)2 GB500 GB169
Dedicated server hosting (Standard)4 GB2 x 500 GB269
Dedicated server hosting (Elite)8 GB2 x 500 GB319
Dedicated server hosting (Pro)16 GB2 x 500 GB439

Hope, this chart box from our GreenGeek reviewer helps you to understand which one is perfect for you.

Isn’t it great that you can enjoy your Internet at a low cost while simultaneously contributing to making a difference by hosting on an environmentally friendly platform?

If you’re on a tight budget yet need a dependable hosting provider, Greengeek is the way to go.


When it comes to security, they never make any concessions. They are aware of your top priorities. Nowadays, online hackers are all over the globe, posing a hazard to everyone. So, All of their servers are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a service that employs firewall mechanisms to prevent intrusion attacks and brute-force attacks, and DDoS attacks against security holes.

One can restrict suspicious IP addresses with VPS hosting plans. GreenGeeks also provides a free Spam Assassin application for email account protection. Furthermore, you can protect your data by using password-protected folders, SSL site security with the additional expense), and making sure all software on your site is updated.

Every night, they perform disaster recovery backups. This service is free for all shared VPS, including reselling hosting plans. Clients are entitled to one free restoration per month. However, any additional repairs are subject to a fee.


From our Green Geeks reviews, their services are always active 99.99 percent of the time, according to industry standards. The management team at GreenGeeks has more than 40 years of experience in delivering the highest quality, low-cost website hosting. Your account will only use the most excellent server hardware, the most reliable network providers, and the most current software applications available on the Internet. Furthermore, your GreenGeeks account would have an energetic impact on the planet because we will substitute three times the quantity of electricity your website will use with wind power credits.

Although the company appears to be satisfied enough to provide a 99.9percent accuracy uptime guarantee in its terms and conditions, there is no mention of whether consumers will get a refund if the security is not reached. Several web hosting firms offer a refund for every month in which there is significant downtime that is not due to regular maintenance.

Customer Service

They are also ahead of the website market, competing for client service. They assist their customers and anyone else who is eager to use their services in various ways.

The support team can reach you via email, phone, or live chat if you need immediate assistance.

Also, there is phone assistance available. Phone support is given during working days from 9 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.  EST Monday- Friday and 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST on weekly holidays; however, customer service representatives are accessible through webchat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They strongly advise chatting with a hosting expert via live chat. Furthermore, when contacting GreenGeeks via email, they promise to have a waiting period of roughly 15-20 minutes. Whatever is suitable for you, you can use that.

They also offer alternative possibilities for you. However, while there is no forum assistance, GreenGeeks does feature an online Help Center with a searchable knowledge base and FAQs to assist users in troubleshooting common web hosting confusions on the GreenGeeks website. There is also an Education Center with lots of instructions, videos, and valuable articles. They attempt to assist you in any way they can. Well, because of their great customer service we recommend you to try them at least for a month or have a conversation with them.

Pros and Cons

Every product and service, as is customary, has some flaws in addition to its benefits. However, it differs from one product to the next and from one service to another. Is GreenGeeks the right web hosting company for you? Before making any hasty judgments, consider the following list of advantages and disadvantages of GreenGeeks web hosting services. It would be best to decide whether or not this service is appropriate for you.


  1.  Scalable hosting solutions, such as shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages, as well as resale hosting services, are available.
  2.  A 30-day money-back guarantee offer
  3.  You will have access to a comprehensive assistance center.
  4.  Notable, a diverse array of customer assistance channels
  5.  One of our primary concerns will also benefit from up to 99.9% uptime.
  6.  A user-friendly web hosting service
  7.  Free nightly backups are a bonus.
  8.  You can get a free domain.
  9.  You can also benefit from free relocation.
  10. Get the benefits of using a free website builder.
  11. GreenGeeks strives to have as much renewable maximum energy to offset their server’s electricity use.
  12. The United States, Europe, and Canada are the three continents to pick the server location.
  13. GreenGeeks is cutting their monthly pricing by up to 70% for long-term subscribers. It’s relatively uncommon to charge less for 24 or 36-month subscriptions.


  1. For staging or premium DNSs, professional website developers will have to search somewhere.
  2. There is an issue with team management. You can add many users, but you can’t control their roles.
  3. You only get one automated back up after 24 hours due to a lack of free backups. One free restore is offered every month, but they must pay for the rest for several backup restore. That’s not good enough. If you restore your backup more than a single time, you will have to pay 25USD every time, and just the first ones will be free of cost.
  4. They are not a deal-breaker; however, the entire system might use a fresh layer of paint to improve the user experience.

Despite having cons, our GreeknGeeks reviewers think that the number of pros is much more than cons which is considerable.

The final comment on Green Geeks reviews

We think GreenGeeks is, without a doubt, the provider we’ve examined that is most dedicated to environmental protection. It’s a commendable option, and companies with a green mission will be delighted to learn how to maintain a website with such a reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, its performance is outstanding. However, I think the limited backup abilities will be insufficient.

Conclusion: Green Geeks reviews

GreenGeeks has a twin mission. That is to provide first-class web hosting services while also setting an excellent example of purposeful environmental responsibility using wind energy. With GreenGeeks, your website creates renewable energy rather than absorbing it. If you appreciate sustainability and good value, and excellent customer service, GreenGeeks should be one of the options. If you pick GreenGeeks and environmental protection is essential to your small business’s target market, make sure to tell them that their website is powered by carbon-neutral hosting. And, it might motivate more people to follow suit.

At the last of the day, you will be one to choose your website based on your needs and requirements. We are only to help you with your decisions. We have mentioned the types, features, uptime, services, and other essential factors to make the right decision. In this competition, you will get millions of web hosters that are cheaper but cheap with the fastest speed, and most importantly, you will be able to do something for nature.

So, we hope that our GreenGeeks reviews may clear your confusion and probably be able to enlighten you to make the proper decision. Why don’t you give it a try on GreenGeeks hosting websites?. As you see they have several options for you and I am sure there will be at least a preferable option for you. Don’t think about the cons; instead, take more consideration into the pros. They also have an option for using a free month trial.

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